Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack
10 ml

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Handy & intensive treatments. Your skin looks smoother, brighter & healthier!
  • Step 7: Masks?
  • Dull Looking Skin
  • Large Pores & Blemishes
  • Dark Spots & Acne Scars
  • Wrinkles & Sagging Skin
  • Irritated Skin
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Prevents blemishes & exfoliates dead skin cells. It leaves you with a smoother & clearer skin.
  • Step 4: Toner?
  • Clogged Pores & Dark Spots
  • Blackheads & Whiteheads
  • Blemishes
  • Dry Skin

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    • unique

      it's unique and travel friendly. it feels like putting yoghurt on face. it gives soft and smooth on face
      will recommend this to my friends

    Product details

    At home or on the go, pamper your skin!

    The Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack has 14 variants to choose from. These masks hydrate, renew, nourish, soothe, brighten & energize your skin.

    They make your skin look flawless & bright. Your wrinkles & pores become less visible. Your skin feels refreshed, moisturized & firm.

    The Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack delivers a deeper nourishment than a usual night cream. These masks are small and great for travel.

    Each mask has a different ingredient:

    1. Aronia prevents wrinkles & skin damage
    2. Aloe soothes sensitive skin & calms skin irritations
    3. Bamboo soothes your skin & locks in moisture
    4. Bija & Aloe reduces blemishes & soothes irritated skin
    5. Bija & Tea Tree reduces acne & redness
    6. Potato hydrates & soothes your skin
    7. Rose & Calamine renews & gives a natural glow
    8. Jeju Volcanic absorbs excess sebum & purifies your skin
    9. Green Tea tightens your pores & firms your skin
    10. Pomegranate softens & firms your skin
    11. Red Kiwi exfoliates & refreshes your skin
    12. Rice brightens your skin
    13. Canola Honey intensely hydrates & nourishes your skin
    14. Seaweed hydrates, purifies & calms your skin
    How to use
    1. Use the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack at night as the last step of your skin care routine.
    2. Apply an even layer to your skin. Avoid the eye & lip area.
    3. Aronia, Bamboo, Rice, Bija & aloe and Pomegranate: you can leave them on over overnight. In the morning wash your skin with lukewarm water.
    4. Bija & Tea Tree, Potato, Rose & Calamine, Jeju volcanic, Green tea, Red Kiwi, Aloe, Canola Honey & Seaweed. Leave them between 5 to 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
    5. Each mask can be used 2 to 3 times.
    About Innisfree

    Founded on the dedication to find the purest natural ingredients, Innisfree is the first All-Natural Brand from Korea. Many of the ingredients such as Green Tea, Volcanic Clay, and Camellia, are sourced from Jeju Island, a volcanic island in Korea. Since 2003 Innisfree has launched various environmental campaigns to promote recycling and reducing carbon emission. If that's not enough to convince you, Innisfree simply impresses due to highly effective natural products at affordable prices. So you can really feel good about this brand on all levels.

    Handy & intensive treatments. Your skin looks smoother, brighter & healthier!
    Skin Type
    For all skin types.
    Ideal for
    • Step 7: Masks?
    • Dull Looking Skin
    • Large Pores & Blemishes
    • Dark Spots & Acne Scars
    • Wrinkles & Sagging Skin
    • Irritated Skin
    Formula Facts
    • Algae Extract
    • Cacao Extract
    • Fruit Extracts
    • Plant Extracts

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